There has been lots of debate in recent weeks revolving around the wider requirements for EICRs on rental property concerning the fact that plastic consumer units are frequently marked as “C3” (optional to upgrade).

But electricians are NOT Fire Risk Assessors.

Find out The frightening Truth about Plastic Consumer Units and the danger to your tenants and indeed your own families if they were installed in certain locations.

This book is based on London Fire Brigade experiences and subsequent actions by the Institute of Engineering Technology to upgrade the Wiring Regulations.

Written by Tony Bolder FRACS MIFSM GIFireE TechIOSH DipNEBOSH DipFD CertFDI and  Phil Turtle M.Sc Certified Fire Risk Assessor and Certified HHSRS practitioner, it blows apart the “we don’t need to bother” mentality of many landlords and agents.

Download your copy and find out the truth about Plastic Consumer Units Click Here

Remember, whilst the Wiring Regulations are not enforceable retrospectively, Fire Precautions are. How will you answer to the Judge when your tenants house burns down and you stand in court on a Corporate Manslaughter charge?

Read the book now!

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