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Where are the UK’s property value hotspots?

14 Jan 2021 Guest blog by Ocean Finance Research by Ocean Finance has revealed that Brits stay put in a property for an average of 23 years, a big investment in time to match the even bigger upfronts in terms of deposits and fees that are commonplace these days. A lot...

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Hope for Landlords with flats in cladding crisis

21 Dec 2020 The unknown number of landlords with properties in blocks caught in the cladding crisis may be able to benefit from a new £30m fund set up by the government. It is thought there may be many thousands of landlords whose flatted units are in blocks with ACM...

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Chancellor freezes LHA rent rates

25 Nov 2020 There’s widespread concern that a freeze on the Local Housing Allowance will worsen rental arrears. Although Chancellor Rishi Sunak failed to mention it in his speech to MPs yesterday, it was discovered afterwards that he had frozen the LHA from next year....

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New HMO Rent Arrears Insurance launched

04 Nov 2020 A new rent arrears protection service has launched to cater specifically for settings with tenants renting rooms rather than entire apartments or houses. Only My Share offers rent arrears protection to individual tenants, meaning that they and their...

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Generation rent launches new attack on landlords

28 Oct 2020 Generation Rent, the pressure group led by Baroness Alicia Kennedy, is tweeting advice to tenants on how to negotiate a lower rent. A series of tweets starts dramatically by saying: “The rent is, beyond doubt, too damn high. But renters don’t always have...

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Is this the way around s24 Tax?

26 Oct 2020 An investment consultancy says landlords seeking mortgages to acquire new properties via a company have been finding some applications rejected as lenders have tightened rules. SevenCapital says there is an alternative - a so-called ‘bare trust’. ...

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Winter draws close. Get your Rentals Prepared

12 Oct 2020 Lettings agents’ group ARLA Propertymark has issued a seven point guide for landlords as winter approaches. The guide ensures the points are Covid-secure, and are: 1. Clear out the gutters: Falling leaves may look picturesque, but they can cause big...

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How common is property damage in the UK?

12 Oct 2020 Guest Post by Ross Hansen, independent researcher "Property damage is a serious and growing problem for landlords across the UK. Although London is (unsurprisingly) at the top of the property damage league tables, many other regions of the UK are not far...

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Licensed Deathtraps

07 Oct 2020 This story concerns two slum-like death trap HMOs which had both been granted recent HMO Licences by Lincoln City Council and condemned as unsafe for habitation by an independent expert. One such HMO Licence was granted as recently as January 2020 and even...

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