Julian Hunt

I’m extremely happy to be working with Landlords Defence Ltd and am very excited about advising the company’s clients.

The Directors are very experienced in this field, offering practical advice, seasoned through many years in the property business. Phil and Des are frankly fantastic professionals and I am delighted to work with them in this complex, fast moving and esoteric area.

I have no more superlatives left to describe these two very able property professionals!

Julian Hunt M.A. (Cantab). Barrister-at Law

About Julian Hunt MA (Cantab)

Julian is one of the country’s foremost barristers in the area of Housing Act law and property licensing matters. Julian has particular expertise in relation to the law of Houses of Multiple Occupation, which encompasses far more rental properties than landlords and property owners realise.

Julian got into HMO law many years ago, spotting this as a growth area, and has written the leading book in this field.

In Housing Act related cases, Julian can prevent the matter going to court and thus frequently avoids the likelihood that a landlord or agent will obtain a criminal record.

Often the outcome will be a complete exoneration or a much-reduced civil penalty in cases where the landlord, owner or agent is culpable, either through ignorance or deliberate breach of the Housing Act and related legislation and regulation.

Julian is one of the most experienced barristers in this highly complex legal area.

Julian offers preferential rates to clients of Landlords Defence because of the level of expertise and advice applied to cases.

Landlords’ Defence Barrister Services

  • Defending you in court
  • Dealing with court summonses
  • Fighting Civil Penalty Notice fines
  • Breaches of HMO Management Regulations
  • Breaches of the Housing Act 2004
  • Breaches of Right to Rent legislation
  • Contesting tenant claims for Rent Repayment Orders
  • Defending letting agent prosecutions or penalty notices
  • Property Tribunal appeals
  • Breaches of Selective Licensing, Additional HMO Licensing or Mandatory HMO Licensing criteria

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