Why do I need an HMO Licence?

Why do I need an HMO Licence?

  • Because the law says so (Housing Act 2004) and your local Council can fine you often £12,000 – £15,000 for not having one.
  • The main reason HMO Licences were introduced was to make properties fire safe and healthier for the occupants. This is all stuff that decent Landlords/ property owners like you would do anyway (we hope).  
  • But for those Landlords who prefer to play Russian Roulette with their tenants’ lives there are massive fines available for each thing you’re supposed to do but haven’t.
  • The Licence alerts the Council to the fact you’re operating an HMO and the rather exorbitant fees are intended to make you pay for them inspecting your HMO to make sure you’re doing everything properly and so they can fine you if you’re not.
  • You need a Mandatory HMO Licence if you have five or more sharers in your property and one or more of them is not related to all the others by blood, sexual union or household employment.
  • You MAY need an Additional HMO Licence even if you only have three sharers in your property if your local Council has enacted Additional HMO Licenensing.
do i need a licence for my property
What licence does your property need?

How should I apply for an HMO Licence?

You can do this through most Council Websites – though only do this if you know your property is compliant or will be before it commences operating.

Alternatively, you can engage us to make sure your property is fully compliant before you let the Council tell you that you’re not. 

If you're not sure what licence you need or how to apply for one safely, then simply schedule a 10 minute call with us and avoid the fight against the unfair licence the council may try to impose on you.

What if I've just realised I should have had an HMO licence long ago and I haven't?

STOP!!  You have a potential emergency on your hands.

You have been breaking the law and you face fines of frequently £12,000 to £15,000 for not having a licence and £-many-thousands more for not complying with the HMO Management regulations and the Housing Health and Safety Rating System.

Also, your Tenants can claim back ALL the rent they have paid you by way of a Rent Repayment Order. So, you need to get this situation fixed.  

And fast!

Contact us immediately and we can help you to make your HMO fully compliant on a very urgent basis before you or one of your tenants / neighbours alerts the Council to your “law breaking” and exposes you to these massive potential fines.

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