HHSRS What is it and why does it matter?

Every residential property in England and Wales must at all times comply with hhsrs - the housing health and safety rating system.
Introduced as the very first item in the housing act 2004, it is the system that councils use to judge your properties for enforcement action.

The Housing Health And Safety Rating System (HHSRS) clearly identifies 29 'Hazards' that Council Inspectors will assess your property for. 

Any 'Category 1' Hazards found will lead to Mandatory Enforcement Action.

In addition Councils also have discretionary powers to Enforce against Category 2 Hazards.

FREE : Download ALL 29 Hazards before you receive a visit from the council

So, what's in the guide ?

Whenever the Council comes to your property to inspect, the law says they MUST assess your property for each and every one of these 29 Hazards.  If they find any single one to have a 'Category 1 Hazard' they are legally REQUIRED to commence Enforcement Action.

You can see 3 of the hazards below, and download full details of all 29 hazards from our Free Guide.

1. Damp and Mould

Threats to health associated with increased prevalence of house dust mites and mould or fungal growths resulting from dampness and/or high humidities.

24. Fire

Threats from exposure to uncontrolled fire and associated smoke at a dwelling.

6. Carbon Monoxide and Fuel Combustion Prodicts

Carbon monoxide, oxides of nitrogen, sulphur dioxide and smoke, are products associated with the combustion, or incomplete combustion, of gas, oil, and solid fuels for heating and cooking.

Fire Risk Assessments

Every HMO from 3 persons upwards MUST have a fire risk assessment (whether it needs a licence or not).  You can do these yourself if you are confident you can demonstrate that you’re a 'competent person' in front of a Judge in a Gross Negligence Manslaughter case.

Or you can have our qualified Fire Risk Asssessors do it for you.

HHSRS Audits

To judge whether they can fine you, Councils use HHSRS – the Housing Health and Safety Rating System - to assess whether you have breached any of the HMO Management Regulations.

Even good landlords who make a mistake face Councils issuing Civil Penalty fines up to £30,000.

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