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99% of architects don’t understand the HMO Amenity Standards. And in our experience, 90% of landlords don’t either.

Also, whilst 100% of architects know the Building Regulations –90% don’t understand that Building Regulations standards – being the absolute minimum standard - are not adequate for HMOs. A higher standard must be applied and 90% don’t know what this higher standard is.

Wrong First Time.

Why do we say this?

Because time after time, when our inspectors visit new HMO conversions or HMO refurbs, in order to do pre-licensing compliance audits, we find that we have to tell landlords that they’ve done many things wrong.

 And then we have to drop the bombshell that they must do costly and time-consuming rectifications to make their shiny new but non-compliant acceptable for HMO property licensing.  

Frequently, we find: 

  • Wrong or inadequate fire alarm system
  • Non-compliant fire doors 
  • Inadequate fire escape routes
  • Inadequate fire compartmentation
  • Provide extra bathrooms (or accept fewer occupants)
  • Fit additional kitchens and cookers (or accept fewer occupants) 
  • And all of these are because either the landlord specified all the works themselves, or just let their architects do it all, and neither of them were sufficiently expert in the HMO Management Regulations, HHSRS, Fire design and that particular council’s HMO Amenity Standards. 

    Right First Time

    To get your HMO right first time, you need good HMO advice right from the start on fire design, HMO Amenity Standards and all 29 hazards of the Housing, Health and Safety Rating System. As well as the HMO Management Regulations. To make sure your HMO really is right first time.

    Multi-disciplinary experts from Landlord Licensing & Defence who are landlords, fire risk assessors, HHSRS practitioners or environmental health officers, will provide you with comprehensive HMO services and ensure you get it right first time.

    Without all the extra costs and delays of not taking professional advice before the works are done.

    HMO Advice and HMO Design Services include:

  • Review of original and proposed design sketches against HMO and licensing standards
  • Site visit and advice during first-fix
  • Specification of HMO requirements over and above Building Regulations
      • Fire doors
      • Alarm system and location
      • Amenities
      • cement safety require
    • Practical advice on tenants:
    •      Living experience

           Furnishing for longevity

           Materials to use and avoid

    • HMO Management Regulation Requirements
    • Council Amenity Standards
    • Occupancy levels achievable within the Council Amenity Standards
    • Better building layouts
    • Housing Act 2004 and HHSRS, the Housing Health and Safety Rating System as applied to HMOs
    • Want to get it right first time and save remedial costs and time slips?

      Whether you need HMO advice in London or anywhere in England and Wales, your team of qualified and experienced experts at Landlord Licensing & Defence, stand ready to assist with your HMO compliance, design, execution and licensing.

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