Handled negotiations for the Client, a Tenant Company where the Letting Agent (as they so often do) was wrongly insistent on using an Assured Shorthold Tenancy, which was the incorrect agreement and not fit for purpose.

(An AST is for individuals and not for Companies it is Housing Act 1.1 a. One ought to be able to expect better from Letting Agents!)

Protracted negotiations, as we discovered as the Letting Agent had been decreed by the Council to not be a “Fit and Proper Person” to be a Landlord/Property Manager with the local Council! Adding to the complications in the matter.

Advised the client on the existing HMO Licence and using it until expiry, defending spurious Council demands that a new licence was required, contrary to regulations.

Successfully represented Client’s position against the Council’s incorrect insistence to apply for a new licence .

Drafted Occupation Agreements for occupants who were international workers for both short and long-term residence and where the AST would have been inappropriate and cause a breach of the agreement for the secondary lease. 

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