29 Jun 2020

The number of rental deposit disputes lodged with one of the government-authorised deposit schemes has fallen 15 per cent across England so far this year.

Analysis of the Mydeposits data by sister company Ome found that London, the South East and the North East have all seen the largest drop in deposit disputes – down a hefty 23 per cent compared to this time in 2019. 

The East Midlands and South West are the only regions to see an increase in deposit disputes – up 11 and 18 per cent respectively.

While London has seen one of the largest declines it is still home to the most disputes. The capital accounts for 37 per cent of all those lodged so far this year.

The main reason for withholding a deposit has been for post-tenancy cleaning, which accounts for 26 per cent of all such disputes. 

Damage to the property and the deposit not being paid in the first place are also some of the most common reasons that deposits were withheld.

The average deposit amount being disputed has remained unchanged at £811, however, there has been a slight swing in the proportion of deposit being awarded.

On average, tenants are being awarded two per cent less of the average deposit when compared to last year, while landlords are receiving two per cent more on the average deposit dispute.  

That said, tenants are still being awarded 67 per cent of their deposit via the average dispute claim.

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