A property developer had decided to change a three-bed semi-detached house into a 6 bedroom all en-suite HMO.

Initially we inspected the property at purchase and contributed to best practice and design aspects to comply with planning use under permitted development and HMO Licensing. 

As an expense saver and ongoing economy we suggested the removal of gas at the property and use of electrical water and space heating.

We advised the developers on specification to HMO Licence standard and maximisation of occupancy based on room sizes for future use, resulting in variation of HMO licence application from six occupants to nine. 

On attempting to sell the property, the developer had not been able to realise the amount he required which led to a prolonged sales cycle. To assist the developers in creating a cashflow until sale, we advised on Short and Long-Term Rental and Serviced Accommodation options to enable a change in sales strategy.

When the sale was achieved, we worked with the developer to negotiate the termination of occupation with each of the residents to coincide with the sale completion date.

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