Tenancy Deposit Claim?


Have you received any of the following?

  • A Solicitors Letter
  • A Notice of Action
  • Have you forgotten to protect a tenants deposit?

If any of this applies to you, find out what to do next before you are charged 3 x the original deposit.

Most of these solicitors are No-Win, No-Fee (which means they are ruthless). They will state a lot of reasons why there was not one, but multiple tenancies over the tenants’ period of occupation and that in fact you owe the tenants 9, 12 or 18 times the deposit as compensation.

The letter could look like this...

What You Must Do Immediately

You absolutely must get professional help. You could go to a solicitor but most have very little knowledge of this highly specialist area and we frequently see solicitors making matters worse due to lack of specialist Housing Act and Deposit Protection claim skills.

You should book an urgent consultation with one of our specialist Deposit Protection Claim negotiators who will assess your situation and represent you in negotiations to settle the claims against you on far more favourable terms than you’d get on your own.

Click the button above or Phone 0208 088 0788 and then we will explain how we can assist you and make the whole process far less painful, mentally damaging and expensive.


  • Discuss the letter with your tenant
  • Discuss the letter with the council
  • Discuss the letter with any of their legal representation

The Claim Letter should tell you WHO is making the claim against you.

If your property is a single-let, it will be the tenant.

If your property is an HMO, it may only be one or more of your tenants.

The letter is likely to be very aggressive to make you panic.

It will threaten you with court action if you don’t pay up immediately

Do not be fooled.

The Solicitors will go out of their way to persuade the remainder of your tenants to make a claim because they are on commission of conditional fee arrangement (No win, No fee).

The more you have to pay the tenants, the more the solicitors make.

In fact they will attempt to track down ALL of your former tenants over the last six years to persuade them also to make Deposit Protection claims against you.

Have you got Multiple Deposit Claims?

You might think that one tenant can only make one deposit claim. Think again!

Fee-hungry law firms will attempt to declare that “legally” your tenant had multiple tenancies and can make multiple deposit protection claims against you.

They will claim that a tenancy going from fixed-term to periodic is 2 deposit claims.

So they will demand 6 times the deposit be repaid. If the deposit was £1,000 that’s now a £6,000 claim against you.

If your tenant was with you for, say, three years and you gave them a new tenancy agreement for each six-month period, they will claim 18 times the deposit amount. Suddenly you could be looking at a £18,000 deposit claim.

PLUS the law firm will claim all of their costs back from you so they have no qualms about appointing highly expensive barristers.

Get the right help.  Call 0208 088 0788 or book a consultation 

Every tenancy for the last SIX YEARS is liable

Did you know tenants (and their solicitors) can actually go back SIX YEARS so the claim could be even higher.

And knowing you’ve failed to protect one deposit properly, the no-win, no-fee solicitors will dig back to find all your tenants over the last six years to get them to make claims as well!

That’s how they make their money.

If you have an HMO and the no-win, no fee ambulance chasers managed to persuade all the tenants to claim you could be receiving a number of solicitors letter demanding £90,000 in deposit protection claims

These solicitors get paid a percentage of what they can extract from you the landlord. Any they don’t get paid unless they win. So they are ruthless.

That’s why they’re so aggressive and their claims so massive.

Don’t be frightened by their bully-boy tactics.

Do not reply to them or your tenants.

Get immediate professional help. Call 0208 088 0788 or book an in depth consultation

The "No Fee / No Win" Solicitors are actively looking for new claims.

These are just some of the advertising they increasingly use...

Customers served! 0 LANDLORDS HELPED
Customers served! £ 0 +  fines avoided
Customers served! 0 successful defences


The people drafting these claim letters are not trained solicitors, and they don’t know the intricacies of the law.

They are trained to:

* Maximise the claim against you

* Frighten Landlords so they just pay up

Your team of experts at Landlords Defence does know the law. They will take apart the claim against you piece by piece and negotiate on your behalf to avoid a costly court case and the award of the claimants legal costs against you.

Claims that start out in the £10,000s can often be reduced to a few £100s.

Some of the claims that have been achieved for landlords by Landlords Defence experts:

Claim £32,500           Settled at: £0

Claim: £10,500          Settled at: £650

Claim: £3.500            Settled at: £950

Claim: £10,400          Settled at: £2,800

Claim: £19,250          Settled at: £0

Of course there is no guarantee how much the claim against you can be reduced until we’ve analysed it forensically against the legislation.

But why pay out more than you need to?

Get help from the experts to fight against the ‘ambulance chasing’ lawyers. 

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You succeed

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