Local media in Oldham report that since the launch of the original selective licensing scheme in 2014 and 2015 “thousands of would-be landlords have been rejected for licences” and “a number of death-trap rented properties – where tenants faced hazards including electrocution and falling down the stairs – have also been shut down.”

Oldham council is the latest to seek an extension of a selective licensing scheme beyond its mandatory five year term – and it is quoted as having rejected thousands of landlords for its previous scheme.

A 10 week consultation period begins later this month (January 2020) on the scheme, under which landlords currently pay £490 per property for a five year licence.

A council spokeswoman says: “Four out of five of the 3,672 residents who gave their views last time said they believed selective licensing would help improve the areas covered and they have been proven correct as we’ve been able to help out tenants and drive up standards. Any scheme would mean landlords and tenants have to act responsibly or face possible action from the council.

“This consultation will allow us to see if all parties think that a selective licensing scheme would again be appropriate in the highlighted neighbourhoods. Please give us your views as we want to hear from you.”

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