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Renters Reform Bill 

Landlords Beat the ticking time bomb!

Renters Reform Property Course from Landlords Defence

Would you spend £95 to save £30,000?

Landlords and Agents - the rules of the game are changing and it could affect your entire business and portfolio.

Just one simple mistake could cost you an eye watering £30,000!

As a dedicated property investor or agent, you're no stranger to the challenges and uncertainties that come with the ever-evolving property landscape.

But the Renters Reform Bill is a whole new ballgame.  Most professionals in our field are completely unaware of the significant implications this reform holds for all of us.  The potential fines and penalties that could hit our investments.

But don’t worry, you’re not alone and you still have time.

This one off - Property Compliance Online Crash Course - has been designed so you can invest in the knowledge you need to beat the Renters Reform Challenges before they happen and more importantly protect your property investments or clients.

Ask yourself, would you rather spend £30,000 or just £95?

If you’re not sure, read on…

Navigating Uncharted Waters:

Your Blueprint for Success

The Renters Reform Bill is like a ticking time bomb, set to disrupt the property landscape as we know it. But with the right knowledge and strategies, you can not only survive but thrive in this new era.

Learn from THE industry professionals, Des Taylor and Phil Turtle, who have a proven track record of helping landlords and agents navigate through these legal and regulation mazes and come out victorious.

On The Course You Will Learn

How to stay ahead of the Renters Reform Bill and protect your investments
What are Property MOTs?: Every Landlord Needs to Know
Unlock the Tenant Selection Code: 30 Steps to Land the Perfect Tenant
Dodge the Bullet: How to Avoid Civil Penalties in the New Renters Reform Era
Outsmart the Council: Insider Strategies for Flawless Property Inspections
Decoding Tenant Tactics: How to Stay One Step Ahead
Surviving the Eviction Maze: Navigating Challenges and Emerging Unscathed
Through the Fireman's Eyes: Essential Insights into Fire Safety
Turning the Tables: Counter the Council Enforcement Teams
Selective Licensing & HMO Management: The Ultimate Compliance Guide
HHSRS Uncovered: Safeguarding Your Investments
BONUS: Portfolio Management Strategies from an Investment Firm Pro!
Don’t let the councils and government win. This is your chance to turn £95 into a safeguard against £30,000+ in fines.

This is a one off opportunity to secure your investments and beat the ticking time bomb of the renters reform bill.

Don't Be A Victim Of The System!

Here’s what people are saying about Des & Phil

"Making my property decisions informed and easy"

"Des Taylor provided thorough advice on HMO regulations, making my property decisions informed and easy."

Carol Mbaya
Property Investor / Landlord

"I one hundred percent recommend talking to experts"

"All my questions were answered by experts with a wealth of experience and knowledge. They also backed up advice with evidence from other similar cases. I one hundred percent recommend talking to experts."

Property Investor / Landlord

Make the smart choice before time runs out!

The Renters Reform Bill is fast approaching. Make the smart choice, invest in knowledge and ensure your properties remain profitable and compliant. 

Join us in Reading on 7th October 2023 for a day of learning, networking and empowerment.
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