Now live in the Anonymous Landlord podcast series, Tom Soane interviews Des Taylor Casework Director and “out-of-control-council-officer-tamer’ at Landlord Licensing and Defence.

Tap on the image or click here to listen to the interview and find our about the man behind so many cases won against vindictive, landlord-hating and landlord-persecuting Council officials.

What you learn about Des Taylor and his team at Landlord Licensing and Defence will make you understand where the passion comes from. Passion with which he chases down these out of control officials, TELLS them what the Law is and how far they are overstepping it.

These officials are bullies. They spread fear way beyond their remit. Des Taylor and Landlord Licensing & Defence takes no prisoners!

The story behind the man who gets JUSTiCe for landlords in an unjust world.

Click there to Listen to the podcast and enjoy!

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