Landlords should be aware of the latest dangers inside people’s homes as battery fires numbers increase among vehicles such as electric mobility scooters and e-bikes.

There has been a 160% surge in electric vehicle fires over the last year, data published in recent days reveals. 

Findings relate to vehicles containing lithium batteries, including cars, bicycles, scooters, buses, motor homes and hoverboards. 


  • – Fire services were called out to 390 EV fires in the past year between (2022-23). In the previous 5 years there were 753 between 2017-2021 – this shows a 160% increase on average per year.
  • – Electric cars fell into second place for the most common vehicle involved in a battery fire. With 118 blazes in the past year, it was overtaken by electric bikes, which caused 160 fires.
  • – Scooters are the third most common vehicle to set fire in the data, with a total of 53 recorded last year.

Said Phil Turtle, compliance director and a fire risk assessor with Landlord Licensing & Defence, “Landlords must urgently make it a rule that no e-scooters or e-bikes should be allowed within properties and nor should their batteries be allowed inside because of the massive danger it poses to occupants. They should consider a charging shed well away from the building. Also any charging points for electric cars should be well away from the building entrance and not anywhere that a car exploding or burning uncontrollably would impede occupants escaping safety from the building.”

The latest data for electric vehicle battery fires in the UK has been published (December 6, 2023) by CE Safety, a leading health and safety training provider, which conducted an independent study to understand the increasing issue of lithium battery fires. 

Via a Freedom of Information request, data was collected from fires that took place over the past fiscal year (2022-2023). 

See the report here

This follows on from last year’s analysis by the company, which researched the extent of electric vehicle fires around the UK in the previous five years (2017-2021)

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