10 Nov 23

New Ministry of Justice data shows that between July and September 8,399 landlords in England started Section 21 no fault eviction court proceedings against their tenants.

Shelter claims this is the highest number for seven years.   

Shelter claims Section 21 evictions are a major contributing factor to rising homelessness. It says the most recent homelessness stats found that section 21 evictions resulted in 24,260 households being threatened with homelessness in 2022/23 – up by 23 per cent compared to the previous 12 months. 

Commented Phil Turtle, a director of Landlord Licensing & Defence, “One has to wonder how Shelter can get it  so wrong!  Apart from landlords who genuinely need their house back for family or to exit the market…. No landlord ever evicts a good tenant! Let’s be very clear, the majority of s21 evictions are of Rogue Tenants.

“The damage to tenants that Shelter’s Fake News agenda regarding section 21 will be astounding if they get their demands of s21 removed with no alternative. If this happens there will be a monumental avalanche of s21 evictions and these sadly will be no-fault of the tenants as without s21 or an alternative tens of thousands of landlords will evict perfectly good tenants in order to exist the PRS.

The campaigning charity says this survey should spur the government into action and prevent any further delay the implementation of the Renters Reform Bill and the scrapping of Section 21.  The latest figures also show 2,307 households were removed from their homes by bailiffs as a result of a Section 21 eviction, the highest number in four and a half years.  

Polly Neate, Chief Executive of Shelter, says: “It beggars belief that this government is prepared to use cynical tactics to delay the banning of no-fault evictions, while record numbers of renters are being removed from their homes without cause.   

“Renters have waited four long years for the government to come good on scrapping Section 21, to make that now dependent on unspecified court reforms taking place is ludicrous. Renters shouldn’t have to live for one more day with the fear they can be evicted from their home for no reason, knowing that once that notice lands on their doormat, there is nothing they can do. 

“With homelessness at record levels, there’s no excuse for putting the ban on unfair no fault evictions on ice. If the government plans to keep its promises to England’s 11 million private renters, it must give a clear timeline of when it will pass the Bill and enforce the ban.” 

“Be careful what you wish for!”, warns Turtle. The law of unintended consequences can be exceedingly cruel.”

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