In a move designed to punish as many landlords as possible with crucifying Rent Repayment Orders of up to 12 months rent, City of Westminster has launched a “find out of you can screw your landlord” tool on their website.

They are obviously using this ‘hook’ to get tenants to grass-up landlords who have not paid their ‘licence tax’.

Cynically, It has everything to do with punishing landlords for not paying their licence tax and nothing to do with improving housing.

ALL LANDLORDS BEWARE. You can expect every council in the land to adopt this punitive measure to make sure you all pay your licence tax.

The new page on the City of Westminster website boasts:

“Tenants of some shared houses, known as ‘Houses in Multiple Occupation’ (or HMOs) are entitled to apply for a rent repayment order if their landlord does not have an HMO licence.”

We have created an online rent repayment tool so you can quickly and easily see if you are owed a rent repayment order. 

A rent repayment order is a financial award decided by a tribunal, requiring a landlord to pay back up to 12 months rent to a tenant.

Payments are not guaranteed, but the amounts can be substantial. 

Use our rent repayment tool to see if you can apply for a rent repayment order.

This will also verify if the property has a licence. If you are eligible, we will ask for your details in order to arrange a confidential conversation to discuss your situation and give you advice on how to apply for a rent repayment order.

Rent repayment tool – check your eligibility

We cannot take action directly on your behalf. Once you have spoken to a member of the team, we can refer you to a charity partner who specialise in helping tenants apply for rent repayment orders. 

Affected by this? Landlord Licensing & Defence is here to help you

We help landlords every week who are being pursued for Rent Repayment Orders. Always £10,000s sometimes £50,000 or more.

Sometimes we are able to prove – against the Council – that they are wrong and the property did not need an HMO license sot here is no guilt.

Other times although the landlord is guilty of not having a licence, there are mitigating circumstances that we can use to negotiate the Rent Repayment down from 12 months’ rent to a far lower figure.

If you have this problem get in touch at once. You have very little time to put together a defence.

Contact us for help here

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