03 Oct 23

A council has prosecuted a landlord for a second time, for multiple offences. 

The offences concerned a tenanted caravan that had been located within the boundary of his former property in Cambridge.

The landlord, Paul Sanderson, was prosecuted for the first time by the city council in 2021 for failure to comply with an improvement notice in relation to his HNO and in March 2022, a banning order was imposed on him.

This prohibited him from renting out any property for a total of 30 months. He was also added to the national database of rogue landlords.

However, following a complaint and subsequent investigation by the council, it was found that Sanderson was still involved with letting out a caravan at the property, and had therefore failed to comply with the Banning Order.

In addition he’s been found guilty of further harassment offences under the Protection from Eviction Act 1977 and obstruction under the Housing Act 2004 for preventing council officers from carrying out their duties.

The trial was heard at Peterborough Magistrates’ Court and Sanderson was found guilty of a total of six offences and was released on bail. Sentencing has been adjourned until 10am on October 26 at Cambridge Magistrates’ Court.

A spokesperson for the city council says: “This prosecution should serve as a warning to the small minority of landlords and property agents who break the law and put their tenants at risk. Where those responsible for private rented accommodation in the city flagrantly disregard the law, we will take enforcement action under the range of powers available to us where necessary. Landlords and agents have responsibilities to provide safe, suitable and well managed accommodation to tenants within the private sector, which forms a big part of Cambridge’s housing market.”

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