25 Jan 24

Propertymark is hosting a webinar where Scott Bailey – policy manager at the Home Office – will answer questions on Right to Rent requirements and the new code of practice.

The event tomorrow, January 25, from 1pm to 2.40pm.

This week saw the introduction of higher maximum fines for non-compliance under the Immigration Act 2014 (Residential Accommodation) (Maximum Penalty) Order 2023, and revisions to the code of practice – the sixth update to the code, replacing all previous ones.

Under Right to Rent, all letting agents in England must confirm that any tenants who reside in their properties have legal status to live in the UK. 

A letting agent must complete ID checks before letting out a property.  

There are different ways to do this, like checking documents manually or using the Home Office online system.

Despite there not being any changes to how checks are carried out in this update, agents are still left with questions surrounding the processes and fines laid out by the Home Office.

Agents and landlords who knowingly rent properties to unauthorised migrants will now face penalties of up to £5,000 per lodger and £10,000 per occupier for a first breach. 

Repeat breaches could cost them up to £10,000 per lodger and a maximum of £20,000 per occupier.

Nathan Emerson, chief executive of Propertymark, says: “The new Right to Rent code of practice is now in place meaning this webinar offers a crucial opportunity for lettings agents to have their questions answered directly by the Home Office. 

“Now that fines and resources have increased to hammer down on this, we want to make sure that agents are not falling foul.”

To book your place, click here.

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