22 May 24

Labour-controlled Lambeth council in south London is introducing a Selective Licensing Scheme at almost £1,000 per property.

A statement from the council says the regime is starting in September in four wards but is likely to spread out to another 19.

A report claims the licence – costing £943 – is in line with a council policy that makes Lambeth “a place we can all call home.”

Around a third of the 144,985 residential dwellings in Lambeth are in the Private Rented Sector, and the council claims over 9,446 of these are “predicted” to have a serious home hazard. 

The council also claims to have received over 10,000 complaints of anti social behaviour incidents in the private rental sector over a three-year period.

It says responses received during a 12-week consultation on the proposals “suggested that almost two-thirds of residents and local businesses approved of the proposals for introducing licensing in the first four wards – and the 19 earmarked in the second phase.”

Councillor Mahamed Hashi, Cabinet member for Safer Communities, says:  “Privately renting is often the only option for residents who can’t access social housing and aren’t able to purchase their own property. This scheme will see more support for vulnerable residents, help reduce overcrowding and improved premises conditions. Ultimately, it will lead to better housing for our residents.

“Whilst most landlords provide good quality, safe accommodation, there are some who take advantage of their tenants or don’t know what their responsibilities are. Licensing will help us crack down on rogue landlords and take decisive action against housing offences.

“It will also give us the opportunity to proactively investigate cases of mould and damp, to ensure all privately-rented properties comply with the requirements.”

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