17 Oct 23

A new analysis has given one of the most detailed breakdowns of landlords in England.

Using a range of government and industry data, plus its own research, the website Confused.com says England’s investment population is primarily private individuals, representing 93.7 per cent of landlords. 

Companies comprise just 4.7 per cent and a mixture of private and companies forms 1.0 per cent.

Some 43 per cent have only one property, while 39.3 per cent have between two and four properties. Landlords with five or more make up less than a fifth of the total.

Most of England’s landlords are aged 55 and above (62.8 per cent). Just 0.1 per cent are 18 to 24 and only 2.2 per cent are 25 to 34.

A total of 52.9 per cent have been landlords for 11 or more years; 38.5 per cent for four to 10 years.

Some 75.1 per cent of landlords’ first rental property purchases were funded with a mortgage.

The largest group of landlords are those who are retired (34.9 per cent) followed by full-time employed (29.7 per cent) and self-employed in roles other than as a landlord (14.6 per cent). Self-employment as a landlord represents 13.5 per cent of the group.

Most landlords (57 per cent) have a buy-to-let mortgage. However, 38.3 per cent have no debt or borrowing.

Elsewhere in the analysis it’s revealed that 15.29 per cent of homes in England are privately rented, with 14.9 per cent in Scotland and 14.0 per cent in both Wales and Northern Ireland. 

London is the location with the most rented homes, with 20.81 per cent. The North East of England has the least, with 13.27 per cent.

An analysis of this data and separate figures by the Financial Conduct Authority by Confused.com shows that by the end of last year the total value of the buy-to-let mortgage market stood at £41.3 billion. The market has grown by 88 per cent compared to 2013.

The complete analysis is lengthy and comprehensive, and can be found here.

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