03 Apr 2020

The government has issued new guidance on conducting EPC assessments before issuing a certificate – and it follows the lines of other guidance given on property maintenance during the virus outbreak.

The new guidance says the legal requirement to obtain an EPC before selling or letting a property remains in place, but that EPC assessments should only be conducted in accordance with the now-familiar government advice on home moving during the virus crisis.

“Advice for people to stay at home and away from others means that you should not invite unnecessary visitors into your home, or into those you let to tenants. Where a property is occupied, parties must endeavour to agree that the transaction can be delayed, so that an EPC assessment can proceed when stay-at-home measures to fight Coronavirus are no longer in place” explains the new guideline.

But the government accepts that if moving is unavoidable and the parties are unable to reach an agreement to delay, and a valid EPC is not available from the register an assessment may need to be conducted. 

In these circumstances, government guidelines on staying away from others to minimise the spread of the virus must be followed.

And, of course, EPC assessments can continue in cases where a property is vacant. You can see the full guideline here

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