30 Jun 2020

In a move with undertones of Animal Farm (communism where all are equal except The State which is all powerful) local government officials have decided that they should have the power to suspend the elected councillors whom we, the electorate, have put in place.

Said Landlord Licensing and Defence director Phil Turtle, “Landlords and the general public need to open their eyes to this and many other power-grabs by local council officials.

“We see council officials, particularly in housing licensing and planning, massively exceeding their legal remit: bullying and persecuting landlords with nothing short of vendettas and greed to make revenue from Civil Penalty Fines.

Not surprising really when the government has given junior officers the effective power to not only invent their own crimes then for the council to be police, judge and jury and then keep the money from the fines they impose.

As historian Lord Acton observed, “ Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

We the landlords and public need to bring these tin-pot officials to heel!

here’s how the aim to subvert power was hidden in a NALC press release.

NALC renews calls for power to suspend councillors for up to six months

The National Association of Local Councils (NALC) has called on the Government to take “urgent action” to introduce a power for local authorities to suspend councillors for up to six months.

The introduction of such a power was recommended by the Committee on Standards in Public Life in a report in January 2019 to the Prime Minister on improving ethical standards in local government.

NALC has made its call after working with the Local Government Association (LGA) on the development of an updated national model code of conduct for all tiers of local government.

The LGA published the draft code earlier this month for consultation.

On the power to suspend, NALC said: “Failure to introduce this sanction alongside other measures will risk wider steps being taken to improve ethical standards, such as the model code of conduct and training for councillors and clerks, as being ineffective.

“Now more than ever, high standards of conduct in government at all levels are needed to protect the integrity of decision making, maintain public confidence and to safeguard local democracy.

“That is why NALC is also calling for the Committee on Standards in Public Life to publish a timetable for reviewing progress on the implementation of the report’s wider recommendations and best practice to ensure this important issue continues to be a priority for action.”

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