14 January 2020 “Mandatory Electrical Test (EICR) before you can let any property will be Law very soon.” (removed)

Update 22nd September 2021: Today Giles Peaker has demanded that his once useful article be removed from our news website.

There are plenty of other articles that tell you all about EICRs as this has now been law for ages and it is now an old topic.

Peaker later published this in his National Newsletter

While in Schadenfreude Corner, Landlords Defence – a non-lawyer commercial set-up that bills itself as defending landlords on regulatory licensing and Rent Repayment Order matters, and takes what can only be described as a frenziedly hyperbolic approach to describing the actions of local authorities in Housing Act 2004/Housing and Planning Act 2016 enforcement, turned out to be using NL material without request or permission.

Our copyright requirements are quite simple but clear on this – no use of our material for commercial/for profit projects without the permission of the author.

So, I contacted Landlords Defence, pointing out this was a breach of my copyright and asking for it to be removed.

To their credit, they did remove it. To their debit, they left this hilariously peevish message in its place.

I would strongly advise everyone not to seek advice from Landlords Defence on copyright…

Thanks Giles

It is good to know that the eminent Giles Peaker, whose website describes him as ““An outstanding lawyer – dazzlingly clever, persistent, highly effective and cares deeply about his area of law” (which we understand to be mainly fighting against landlords on behalf of tenants) is sufficiently worried about the effectiveness of Landlord Licensing & Defence which he describes and “a non-lawyer commercial set-up” to make us the subject of his “nearly legal” newsletter.

We are indeed honoured.

And whilst Peaker did suggest we may not be the best people to advise on copyright law (it is not a service we have any intention of offering), we note that although he has tried to denigrate and ridicule us, (from a position of fear?) he hasn’t dared to infer we are not the best at fighting local authorities and tenant lawyers through negotiation (at which solicitors are notoriously poor) and in the First Tier Tribunal. Because nobody fights harder for landlords than Landlord Licensing & Defence.

Thanks for the publicity.

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