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15 Nov 23

Londoners want homes built on the green belt to improve their housing chances, according to a new survey.

In a poll, by property developer Pocket Living, 63% of Londoners aged between 25-45 years old would support green-belt reforms to bolster their housing opportunities.

The survey also reveals more than three-quarters (78%) of young people in London agree the government is not doing enough to build more affordable housing in the capital.

London is at breaking point

The ongoing affordability crisis in London is now at breaking point with over three-quarters of renters now claiming housing is unaffordable in the capital and more than half (51%) feeling that supply is poor.

The research also exposed some of the current challenges facing the London rental market, with almost two-fifths of renters believing that they would continue needing some financial support from their parents over the next ten years.

Renters also face a variety of difficulties when searching for a home to rent in London. The most significant of these, at almost half (48%), was that properties were snapped up too quickly.

Marc Vlessing, chief executive officer at Pocket Living, said: “London is at breaking point and this year’s research should act as a wake-up call for policymakers and politicians.

“Our findings suggest that a staggering two in three non-homeowning Londoners believe they will never own their own home and without urgent intervention to enhance housing solutions, the capital could see many hard-working city makers, essential to our growing economy, pack their bags and leave.”

Housing policies could be the tipping point

Almost all Londoners surveyed (96%) believe housing is a crucial or important issue for politicians to focus on ahead of the general election, ranking it above education, immigration and Brexit.

According to the survey, more than two-thirds of young people (67%) would vote for a candidate who promises more home delivery in their constituency.

Mr Vlessing added: “It is clear from our research that Londoners are ready to take to the ballot box to help improve their long-term housing needs.

“Next year’s elections might be one of the first times where the younger demographic out-votes the boomer generation, with those aged between 25 to 45 making up over 30% of the population both in London and the rest of England.

“Winning over this demographic will be critical to the success of any political entity and our research suggests ambitious housing policies, such as greenbelt reform, could be the tipping point.”

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