10 Mar 2022

Guest post by Des Taylor Casework Director at Landlord Licensing & Defence

It has come across my desk from more than one local authority and in multiple cases that the Council is checking information with Consumer Credit Reference Companies as part of their enforcement and they are not making a secret of it!

They write along the lines of:

“Our intelligence tells us that the property was running as an unlicensed HMO.

The inspection of the property demonstrated that there were at least 3 occupants of whom two were unrelated.

There was the appearance of shared facilities by sharing bathroom and cooking facilities, they pay rent and they live in the property as their main residence.

The council has also undertaken credit searches, and this identified that there were many people living at the property who appear to be unrelated.”

There are no lengths a local authority will not go to, in order to gather evidence.

You shout “data protection, how can they”?

They do and they will.

There is a lot that can be said.   Remember these are the same hypocrites that fine landlords in the £10,000 and at the same time the tenants in their own stock live in squalor and disrepair.

Recent TV and press have shown this.

Since 2004 the Housing Act 2004 has exempted various bodies including your local authority from prosecution for the same crimes the private rented sector is heavily fined for.

Bit by bit they chip away destroying the Private Rented Sector.  The Golden Goose story is all too well known.

Be Aware – Be Compliant

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