21 Jul 2020

A new licensing scheme cynically claimed by Liverpool City Council to be designed to clampdown on unscrupulous landlords  is expected to be approved by the city council’s cabinet, is set to cover 16 wards in the city, where around 20% of the homes are owned by private landlords.

So desperate are they for the Revenue income from licensing that despite the city’s previous scheme expired in April after the government refusing to allow them to extend it because it had not improved housing quality they are ignoring th4 government and going round the loop again. 

The council says “It is hoped that the scheme would force rogue landlords to improve electrical and fire safety standards, and deal with issues including damp and anti-social behaviour”. There is no evidence yet produced by any council that this has been the effect. Instead massive departments of licence revenue administrators and collectors have been created who do next to nothing to improve housing and absolutely everything to fine landlords for £10,000s and £100,000s.

The council said under the new plans, 80% of privately rented properties in the city would be covered.

Cllr Paul Brant, cabinet member for adult health and social care, trotted out the usual nonsense: “For good landlords this protects them from being undercut by bad landlords who are cutting corners.” 

However, John Stewart, policy manager for the National Residential Landlords Association, said the planned scheme was similar to those recently rejected by ministers.  He commented: “To suggest 80% of private tenant properties in Liverpool have problems is just nonsense.”

The wards included in the new scheme would be Central, Riverside, Greenbank, Kensington, Picton, Tuebrook and Stoneycroft, County, Anfield, St Michael’s, Princes Park, Kirkdale, Old Swan, Warbreck, Wavertree, Fazakerley and Everton.

If approved a 12 week consultation would run from August to October and be submitted to the government in December.

Liverpool Landlords must look out for the consultation and put in objections. They shocked also support the National Residential Landlords Association in resisting this cynical cash-grab by Liverpool City Council


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