19 Sep 23

This didn’t happen in a residential  property, but our compliance director, a certified Fire Risk Assessor says this is exactly what happens when Lithium batteries catch fire in residential properties too. Once they catch fire (usually during charging) they are almost impossible to put out and should never be allowed in HMOs or rental properties. Ed.

Crews were called to a commercial warehouse-style building in the early hours of this morning. 

On arrival firefighters reported that the building, which measures around 100m x 50m, was completely smoke logged and the fire had started in an area storing used lithium batteries. 

Incident Commander Howard Midwood said:

“Throughout the night we’ve had somewhere between 40 – 50 firefighters wearing breathing apparatus tackling the fire inside the building and we’ve also been using an aerial ladder platform to pour water from above.

“We’ve used our drone to assess the incident and our thermal imaging cameras to pinpoint where in the building we need to focus our efforts on. 

“Our firefighters have worked tirelessly throughout the incident and have shown skill and dedication in very challenging conditions. Thanks also to our partners, the Salvation Army and the site staff.

“Because lithium batteries are involved, extinguishing the fire is a longer process than usual. We expect to be at the scene for some time and will work to bring the incident to a close as safely and quickly as we can.”

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