19 Jun 2019

11th June saw, for us, the first evidence of the Tenant Fee Ban (TFB) being misunderstood and a residential tenant being charged a £1000 holding deposit on a £1100 per calendar month rental starting 22nd June.

On speaking with the tenants’ representative, consulting with the agent indirectly as a secret shopper, to confirm their misunderstanding, we engaged the tenant with the local authority enforcing the TFB and then the tenant engaged directly back to the agent in question.  

Agent was fully apologetic, refunding three weeks rental of the holding deposit immediately and guided to get full education on this.

Local Councils are the enforcers and they want all the fines they can impose.  

Another one solved for a Landlord’s friend and an agent now on the watch list for the local authority.  

Please get in touch if a landlord or agent has mischarged you so we can get the situation fixed for you as soon as possible and educate them on their errors.

If you are a Landlord or agent and are unsure get in touch for support.

https://www.landlordsdefence.co.uk  0208 088 0788

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