07 Oct 2020

Landlords are being urged to remain attentive when viewing or inspecting rental homes in order to weed out tenants that may be growing cannabis in their investment properties. 

The warning comes from police in Portsmouth after officers seized hundreds of cannabis plants at two rental properties in Southsea in less than two weeks.

A cannabis factory was discovered at a property on St Ronans Road by the landlord. 

Just over a week later another landlord in Southsea uncovered a cannabis factory in one of his properties in Oxford Road, with police seizing the drugs after a warrant was carried out.

An investigation is currently taking place to identify those believed to have been involved with the illegal activity at each property. 

A statement from Hampshire Constabulary: ‘We are really keen to hear from people who suspect there is cannabis cultivation or drug related activity going on their neighbourhood.

‘It might sound obvious, but most cannabis grows are discovered by passers-by or keen-nosed residents catching a whiff of the drug’s familiar smell.

‘Landlords might notice damp on the walls or peeling wallpaper, while from the outside a neighbour might spot condensation on the windows, even when it’s not the depths of winter.’

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