Seminar: What EVERY Landlord needs to know about avoiding massive fines and ‘ambulance chasers’.

Full day in-depth seminar.
Thursday, 5 September ’19   12pm – 6pm London SW1

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On 20th March this year the Government appointed 10 MILLION new housing inspectors.

They are not employed. They are on commission for getting Landlords sued.

Which means they are highly motivated to ‘get’ YOU the Landlord.

They will be promoted and assisted by Shelter, Citizens Advice and the Councils themselves.

But FAR, FAR WORSE than that, they will be backed up by No-win No-fee “Ambulance Chasers” advertising on TV and in the newspapers.

So, who are these 10 million new Housing officers and why didn’t you see the announcement?

Well, actually, you did hear the announcement – you just didn’t understand the ‘code’ it was dressed up in.

The ‘code’ was the “Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018” and the new Housing Inspectors are Your Tenants and they are on commission!

That’s because the new Act gives Your Tenants the RIGHT to sue you, their Landlord, if you fail to comply with the 29 Hazards in the Housing Health and Safety Regulations (HHSRS). 

And, by the way, these regulations are not new. They were introduced in 2006 and many of them go back to the Housing Act 1985. 

So, if you’re not compliant you’re sunk! Because you’ve had somewhere between 15-34 years to understand them and ensure your property(s) are fully compliant.

Yet most Landlords have never even heard of HHSRS, and don’t have any idea whether they comply or not, until a Housing Officer inspects and decides to prosecute or fine them.

Until now, the risk of getting caught was low because, the Councils didn’t have enough Housing Inspectors to visit you.

Now they do. They have 10 million more!

And these new ‘Inspectors’ are going to LOVE the opportunity to make money by suing you – especially as the ‘Ambulance Chasers’ are going to advertise, advertise, advertise – and make the process for tenants as easy as ‘just sign here’. 

However, unlike the no-win, no-fee accident claims business which those companies have been milking for years, the claim is not going to be against your insurance company. It is going to be against you personally.

So, it’s about time, dear Landlord, that you found out EXACTLY what your obligations are in relation to complying with the 29 Hazards of the Housing Health and Safety Rating System.

And even more important HOW to protect yourself from prosecution, fines, Council Investigators and Ambulance Chasers who WILL initiate proceedings against you. Because that’s their business. And they have deep pockets and massive ‘legal’ resources.

Landlords Defence (the clue is in the name) are running the first of many one-day, in depth, seminars for help Landlords understand the rules and protect themselves on 5th September 2019 in Central London.

Who is this 1 day Seminar for?

All Landlords – whether you have one Rental Property or five hundred.

It’s also for HMO Landlords – and Landlords who have HMO’s that they don’t even know are HMO’s.

For HMO Landlords, we’ll also be talking about avoiding Rent Repayment orders where, if you don’t have the correct licence, Your Tenants are encouraged by Shelter, the Councils and the Ambulance Chasers to claim back 12 month’s rent from you (in addition to the £12,000 fine you’re likely to get from the Council for not having a licence). 

We’ll share with you case studies of the horror stories we see every day of Landlords getting massive fines due to incompetent letting agents. As well as Landlords’ own failures to learn what they need to comply with.

We’ll share some stories of Landlords for whom we have been able to help quash fines or massively reduce them.

But mainly we’ll be talking to you about the many, many, Landlords we have helped to avoid prosecution and fines by getting compliant quickly – before their Council, Shelter or their tenants can find out they were previously breaking the Law.

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Don’t fool yourself.

If you’re a portfolio Landlord or a one property Landlord, you need to learn this stuff before it’s too late and you are in financial crisis.

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Full disclosure: 10 million is a bit of a guess. We know there are 5.1 million families renting in the Private Rental Sector and we’re guessing an average maybe two highly motivated tenants once they start to read the adverts. Plus there are many millions more in the Social Rented sector.

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