01 Nov 2021

Climate change is at the top of the political agenda this week thanks to Cop26 taking place in Glasgow in a few days’ time.

Back in 2008, the UK committed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80 per cent in comparison to levels recorded in 1990. However, new research has shown that the effects of climate change are even worse than anticipated – therefore in 2019 the UK committed to be‘net zero’ by 2050.

Online agency Mashroom says landlords can help the UK reach the ‘net zero’ act by 2050 in a number of ways.

Create charging points for electric cars – If Landlords create charging points for electric cars in their homes, it is likely to become a much more desirable commodity over the next few years. Potential Tenants may decide to say no to lovely homes because they can’t charge their vehicles there.

Solar Energy is key – For those with a larger budget, solar energy can be a great option. It isn’t currently a requirement for private Landlords, but this may change to help the UK reach it’s targets ‘net zero’ targets by 2050.

Change to double or triple glazed windows – At present, you need a minimum rating of E on your Energy Performance Certificate, however this minimum will move up to C by 2025. Changing to double or even triple glazed windows is also a great way to save energy. High performance windows will mean that Tenants will waste less energy trying to heat their home which saves them money and the environment costly emissions.

Get a smart meter, Upgrade the boiler – The UK’s goal of every house having a smart meter by 2020 has already been missed, but smart meters are still a great idea. This is because the Tenant can see what they’re spending every day and can adjust their behaviors to save energy. Landlords can also consider updating their boiler to something more efficient, it’s worth checking how efficient the boilers of their property are and install new ones, if needed.

Switch to efficient and eco-friendly LED bulbs – For those with a smaller budget, there are also smaller ways that Landlords can help save the planet. Halogen bulbs were banned from September 2021, so those with these types of bulbs should change to efficient and eco-friendly LEDs. The shift to LEDs could see a reduction of around 1.26m tonnes of CO2. 

Ensure you update your EPC – No matter how small your property may be, make sure to update your EPC certification if you’re planning on investing some cash in making energy improvements to your property.

The UK should become insulated – Insulating UK homes is a great way to really help the UK on its way to that 2050 goal. Proper insulation means less energy is needed to heat the home, as less is wasted through the floorboards and holey roofs. Insulation is a long term investment and will attract the attention of environmentally conscious Tenants.

There will also be more and more options available in the future from local governments to support Landlords.

*Mashroom is an online dashboard for landlords and tenants

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