24 Apr 2020

Landlords, investors and other property professionals have a week to submit their views to an enquiry into the impact of Coronavirus on the private rental sector.

The enquiry has been set ups by the Housing, Communities and Local Government Select Committee in Parliament; its terms of reference include examining how effective UK government support has been in helping individuals in the private rented sector during the crisis.  The Committee invites written evidence here and in particular the committee is interesting in finding out:

  • how effective has the support provided by MHCLG and other Government departments in addressing the impact of Coronavirus on those in the private rented sector, rough sleepers, and the homeless?
  • what problems remain a current and immediate concern for these groups?
  • what might be the immediate post-lockdown impacts for these groups, and what action is needed to help with these?

The committee chairman, Labour MP Clive Betts, says: “It is vital that those in precarious living situations are supported by the Government. We must ensure that people without homes and those sleeping rough are protected during this health crisis. 

“Equally, people cannot be forced to leave their homes at a time when finding a new place to live simply is not possible.

“However, we must also look at what will happen a month from now and beyond. Where will those currently housed in hotels go when the [current] scheme expires? What happens in three months’ time when the eviction ban lapses for people who have no job and now owe three months’ rent?”

Evidence must be submitted by next Friday, May 1 2020.

The committee expects to hold an evidence session in early May onwards to hear directly from some of those submitting evidence about what is being done and what further support is needed. Submit your evidence here

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