22 Nov 2022

Formal caution for landlord using Facebook to ‘harass’ tenant

A council has issued a formal caution to a landlord for harassing his female tenant on social media.

Said Phil Turtle, compliance director with Landlord Licensing & Defence, “Harassment is one of the triggers to allow a tenant to claim back 12 months’ rent with a Rent Repayment Order

In this case the landlord has sealed his own fate, not only for a RRO, but as the council states he will now be disbarred from holding any HMO licence and probably any selective licence. So he’s potentially wrecked his entire business.”

The landlord posted details of his tenant’s rent arrears onto Facebook and then shared that with her friends and family in a bid to humiliate her, he also shared her employment details and address.

He subsequently deleted the post.

The tenant contacted Coventry council which then gathered the evidence and interviewed the landlord under caution; the council says the landlord “confessed to the offence at the earliest opportunity.”

A statement from the council says: “Formal cautions may be offered to perpetrators who admit wrongdoing at an early stage and accept responsibility for their offences.  They can only be offered where there is the required amount of evidence to realistically gain a prosecution. A formal caution may prevent the landlords from obtaining various licenses in Coventry, including the ability to manage Houses in Multiple Occupation. The tenants also have the option of now bringing a civil action.”

And a council spokesperson adds: “This sends out a clear message to landlords that Coventry City Council will do all it can to protect its residents from unlawful eviction and harassment.

“We want to ensure homes in the private rented sector are properly managed. Tenants should not be unfairly treated. Our housing enforcement team is here to help when needed.”

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