27 Oct 2022

Conditions in the flat were so dangerous that tenants had to be evacuated with immediate effect

A landlord of a property in Barnet has been penalised after inspectors from the local council found conditions in his home were so poor that his tenants had to be evacuated immediately.

Landlord Rakesh Shah was fined £24,000 due to the unsafe conditions at his property on 4 Anson, Graham Park, Colindale, where five tenants were staying.


The property was found to have damaged doors, including an insecure front door, as well as broken fire alarms. On inspection, the council were left with no choice but to put in place an Emergency Prohibition Order with immediate effect.

Officers attending the House of Multiple Occupancy (HMO) also reported an overbearing smell and a first-floor landing blocked by so many items that a tenant had to climb over them to enter and leave his room.

Cllr Ross Houston, Barnet Council’s chair of the housing and growth committee, said: “We will not tolerate landlords who flout the rules in Barnet. The safety of our residents is paramount. It is the responsibility of landlords to keep their properties safe, though our Private Sector Housing Team will help them wherever possible.

“Landlords who let unlicensed HMOs or fail to manage them properly risk prosecution or penalty notices of up to £30,000. We are committed to providing quality, affordable and safe housing for our residents – please play your role to help make Barnet a better place.”

The landlord was previously found guilty of four offences at Willesden Magistrates Court on Tuesday, August 16 after police reported the discovery of drugs at his property.

Rakesh Shah was also made to attend training and obtain accreditation through the London Landlord Accreditation Scheme as a condition of securing his HMO licence from Barnet Council.

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