02 Dec 2019

The owner of two properties has been fined £35,000 for breaches of the selective licensing regime in his local area.

At a hearing in Scarborough Magistrates Court last week a Mr Raja – director of ASR Estates (UK) Limited – pleaded guilty to a string of charges including failing to notify the council of new tenancies being granted at the property together with confirmation that all appropriate checks had been undertaken, and failure to maintain the fire detection system.

He also pleaded guilty of failing to maintain the property and gardens in a clean and tidy condition, allowing spindles to be missing from an external stairway at one of his properties, and having loose, dangerous treads to the external staircase.

The case had been adjourned when it was first heard in September. 

Whilst the offences all took place earlier this year, a further inspection was carried out in October and some of the offences were still evident. There were still piles of rubbish in the gardens, the rear steps still had loose treads and no notifications of tenancies had been received despite at least five new tenancies being granted.

Evidence, including photographs, of the breaches was presented in court and considered by the magistrates. 

In addition to the £35,000 fine, ASR Estates (UK) Limited was also ordered to pay costs of £1,980 to the council.

A council spokesman says: “We introduced the selective licensing scheme specifically to help improve the quality and safety of privately rented accommodation in parts of Scarborough. We are committed to protecting the interests of tenants and the local community and we will not hesitate to prosecute any landlord that chooses to disregard the terms of the licence.”

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