30 Dec 2020

It may be the tenants fault – but it is you the landlord who will get the Civil Penalty Fine because mould is a silent killer – especially in bedrooms and living rooms where people have long exposure to the lung-damaging spores.

Council’s jump on it with glee, because they know if a tenant reports mould that when they come to inspect they will find other HHSRS Hazards and be able to fine you £10,000s under their instant fine scheme aka the HMO Management Regulations.

In truth, its frequently not the tenants fault – the walls are cold because the walls are not adequately insulated. That’s your issue as landlord, not the tenants.

Rooms are not adequately ventilated – in uninsulated properties, you need more than trickle vents you need large (doublers brick size) passive air vents – and I mean modern draught-free ones not old air-bricks that tenants are forced to cover up because of icy draughts. Active systems are even more effective.

Insulation on outside walls is the best solution because warm walls don’t cause condensation and the effect on gas bills is amazing.

Don’t get caught out with tenants reporting life endangering mould to the council. And stop putting your tenants lives at risk of debilitating lung disease in their older years.

And save yourself £10,000s in Council Fines in the process!

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