13 Jul 2021

When faced with non-paying tenants, most landlords tend to think of eviction.  However, this is a dreadful solution just now:

For landlords, it means a stressful and often expensive court claim, which could take up to a year or more to complete, during which time most tenants will fail to pay anything at all. Then, once they have the property back, they have all the bother of finding a new tenant.

For tenants, the situation can be absolutely catastrophic.  In most cases, their credit record will be wrecked meaning that they will find it very hard to find anywhere else to live. They may be even forced to live on the streets.

However, there is a better and kinder way. This involves helping tenants to source alternative funding.  This could be:

  • Checking their benefit to make sure they are receiving their full entitlement.
  • Checking their Local Authority to see what support is available, and
  • Applying for grant aid.

It is not often realised that there are thousands of charitable trusts and organisations with funding available to help tenants in need.

For example:

  • Tenants who have been in the military may be able to get help from SSAFA
  • Tenants with children may be able to get help from Children in Need, and
  • Tenants who have been in prison may be able to get help from Unlock

However, these are just some of the best known organisations.  Many others will help:

  • Tenants who have worked in a particular industry.
  • Tenants who live in a particular part of the country, or
  • Tenants who suffer from some form of illness or disability
  • And so on

In order to help landlords and letting agents, Julie Ford of Gothard Rowe (who specialises in this work) and I have collaborated to create a special kit – the Helping Tenants in Arrears Kit – with step-by-step guidance and video help.

Julie did a presentation earlier this year to my Landlord Law members describing her methods of helping tenants in arrears, and we were all blown away by it.  However, Julie cannot help all the thousands of tenants in need on her own.  I decided then that the best way to make this knowledge available would be to create a special kit giving step-by-step guidance.  Happily, Julie was willing to collaborate and disclose all her secrets to me (well most of them!).  So the kit was created.

Although this is a paid product (Julie and I need an income too!) I believe it will be of enormous value to landlords – and more importantly their tenants.

It seems senseless to go through the awful process of getting a Court Order for possession when there is an alternative which will be so much better for both landlord and tenant.”

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