20 Feb 24

An insulation manufacturer is warning of unexpected consequences from insulating a property to make it more energy efficient.

William Bown, the head of SuperFOIL Insulation, says having a well insulated home can reduce heating bills and your carbon footprint – but without adequate ventilation it can lead to condensation, mould and even structural problems..

Bown comments: “Most people are aware that they need to have good, effective insulation in their homes to make it more efficient but this needs to work  hand-in-hand with ventilation. You need to keep the heat but let the air flow.

“Failing to strike a good balance between the two can lead to unhealthy conditions within the home, such as contaminated air, mould, damp and potentially even structural damage if things are left untreated.

“Draughts, vents and open windows do let out a lot of warmth but you don’t have to choose between being chilly at night or waking up to beads of condensation on your windows. 

“Modern ventilation systems mean it is possible to have a constant supply of fresh air without losing the heat and undoing all the good your insulation does.”

And Joe Murray, business development executive at sister company Ventilation Megastore, adds: “If you’re wondering why you’re seeing more condensation on your windows, it’s probably because you’ve closed off the draughts and insulated your home better to cut down your energy bills. Although this was absolutely the right thing to do, you have to make sure that fresh air can get in and contaminated air can get out.

“Opening windows and trickle vents as well as installing and using extractor fans can make a big difference. But if you want to keep the heat in, you’ll need an MVHR system which stands for mechanical ventilation heat recovery. 

“These units draw in air from outside which is then filtered and warmed by the humid or contaminated air it extracts. It means you can have the best of both worlds, with a home filled with fresh air that also retains heat and saves energy.

“On top of that, they also remove dust, pollen and airborne spores from your home without letting any pollutants inside – making them perfect for people with asthma or hay fever and helping to stop coughs and colds from spreading.”

* Ventilation Megastore and SuperFOIL Insulation are owned by the Boulder Group *

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