The RLA is urging landlords in Hull to respond to a consultation on proposed plans that could see more landlords in the city being given civil penalties.

Under the proposed enforcement policy plans, the ‘informal stage’ of a statutory notice will be removed, and will go straight to the civil penalty stage.

In practice, this means that if a landlord has committed a housing offence, under this proposal they would not have an opportunity to put these things right, and will be given a civil penalty straight away.

The RLA has written a letter to Hull City Council expressing its concern over these plans.

Regulators should give landlords the opportunity to put things right

The RLA is concerned about this, because it goes against The Regulators Code , which is statutory guidance that provides a framework on how regulators should engage with those they regulate.

While the RLA acknowledges that in some circumstances, direct enforcement may be appropriate, for example if there is an immediate danger to health, generally regulators should give landlords an opportunity to put things right, before things reach the enforcement stage.

Write to Hull City Council

The RLA is so concerned with the proposals that have been put forward that it is encouraging landlords in Hull to respond to a consultation that Hull City Council has launched about these plans. To share your comments on the proposed changes, send an email to before the 16th March 2018.

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