20 Apr 2020

If you think PAT testing is a waste of time read this. We at Landlord Licensing and Defence always recommend you PAT test your tenants electrical equipment too to avoid fires like this happening.

Firefighters were called to Smallwood Road in Colchester around 4.28am today (Saturday, April 18) following reports of a fire in a bedroom.

Crews arrived to find half of a first floor flat on fire and filled with heavy smoke.

They were able to extinguish the blaze and remove all smoke within an hour.

But the fire service says the flat suffered sufficient damage to make it uninhabitable and leave the family of living there homeless.

A second flat below also suffered water damage which means two adults living inside are also now without a home.

Colchester Fire Station watch manager Richard Lark said: “Although we never want to see someone loose their home, thankfully everyone escaped without injuries.

“The flat had working smoke alarms, which is the easiest way to protect your whole family from fire and give you time to get out, stay out and call 999.

“Following an investigation we believe the fire was caused by an electrical fault with a hair dryer.

“Take a look at our electrical safety advice to reduce your risk of having an electrical fire.”

The fire service has a series of safety tips and advice on its website regarding electrical devices.

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