Michael Gove

02 Oct 23

Housing Secretary Michael Gove has given Conservative conference delegates an update on the Renters Reform Bill.

Contrary to speculation, mostly from anti-landlord activist groups, the Bill has not been postponed but will indeed get its Second Reading later this autumn, when Parliament reconvenes after the Party conference recess.

Speaking at a Centre for Policy Studies fringe meeting, Gove said speculation that some Tory backbenchers opposed the Bill did not reflect the government’s thinking.

The Bill will go ahead, he said.

The chief executive of the National Residential Landlords Association – Ben Beadle – attended the fringe meeting and wrote on social media channel X: “The back bench concerns of rental reform is not the view of government, says @michaelgove with second reading in the autumn. Delighted to hear him speak so strongly on the need for responsible #landlords and @NRLAssociation campaigning.”

Gove went on to say much the same thing at a reception hosted by Shelter yesterday evening. 

Just 10 days ago Generation Rent was claiming that the government may be about the shelve the Bill, despite the government having denied the suggestion.

The group even created letters tailored towards MPs’ parties – Tory or Labour.

Generation Rent had for some days now suggested that just a small number of Conservative MPs, who are themselves landlords, triggered a delay in the Second Reading of the Bill. 

This was despite an explicit government pledge, delivered by the Leader of the House Penny Mordaunt, that the Bill would receive the Second Reading as soon as business allowed.

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