A Landlord in the North West had been very ill and hadn’t been able to deal with the requirements of a Selective Licencing scheme introduced by his Local Authority and which affected 20 properties in his portfolio.

The deadline was looming and he was unable to take action.

We negotiated an extension of the deadline because of his illness and the fact that he had now appointed us to organise and formalise the applications. Additionally we had been able to nominate an alternative ‘Fit and Proper Person’ to manage and licence the properties. 

We immediately inspected 22 of his properties and prepared licence applications for 20 of them. (We established that two didn’t require selective licences).

In negotiating with the Council is became apparent that the Landlord had interesting discussions with them in the past over requirements and the differing opinions in the interpretation of legislation and regulations.

In working through the portfolio, we were able to significantly improve his standing with the Council by proposing that the Licences be taken by a close relative who would now manage the portfolio. 

We continue to negotiate with the Council on specific works and compliance requirements for each individual property.  The first priority is that all health and safety concerns are being resolved, as some of the tenant are not the most compliant with their tenancy agreements.

An interesting twist

The Council also has expressed concerns regarding structural issues on some of the leasehold properties.  

We were able to study the leases and advise the landlord that these issues are for the Freeholder to solve.   

Interestingly, the Freeholder is the Council!  So this is going to be an fascinating ongoing case. 

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