14 May 2020

I’ve been taking some time to catch up on Landlord Tax issues on the newly launched Property118 TV channel.

You may be aware of the Property118.com website which has, for many years, been a great resource for Landlords covering:

  • Arranging finance
  • Tax planning
  • Insurance
  • Legal advice
  • Landlord events
  • Lettings and Management

In addition, the website covers a wide range of articles from opinion leaders in our industry.

I’ve included the short video which Mark Alexander (the founder of Property118, whose background in taxation and company structures has undoubtedly saved his clients £millions in better tax efficiency), made to promote his new TV channel which only takes a few minutes to watch and tells you lots more about his expertise and what the TV channel will do for Landlords to help understand the tax options.

And the amazing thing is, he’s giving away all this outstanding content for free!

I’ve been busy watching some of the programmes and I’ve already learned that the solution to Section 24 tax is NOT always to move to incorporate it into a Limited company (which is what most of the amateur advice on Facebook says you should do).

Secondly on a topic that is potentially so boring – these programmes are anything but boring and they’re in nice short bite-size chunks so you don’t have to devote big chunks of time to watching them.

Also, because it’s on a YouTube channel it’s really easy to just pull up on the living room TV with a coffee or beer!

I’ll write-up a few blog posts later on the specific programmes I’ve watched, but I’ll just finish with one absolutely bombshell of why you should watch Property118 TV.

Every bit of advice that they give is taken DIRECT from HMRC’s own internal operations manual so it is not opinion, it is pure fact!

At Landlord Licensing and Defence, we’re not in the tax advice business at all. But we do know how important it is for Landlords to understand tax (and to have their minds stretched to understand that as your business evolves, so probably your company structure needs to evolve too).

To our knowledge, there’s never been a resource like this, so seriously, grab yourself a beer and sit down to watch some Property118 TV and prepare to have your mind blown!

Here’s the channel

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