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It was 30th September 2018 at 4pm. This is highly significant because it was just 8 hours before new HMO licensing deadline of 1st October 2018.

If an HMO application was not properly lodged by that deadline, significant Civil Penalty fines could apply.

While the team was doing a HMO licence application on another property for this Landlord, he suddenly had the realisation that a house he was renting now needed a Mandatory HMO Licence under the new 2019 legislation and neither he nor his Tenant (who had said they would apply) had prepared or submitted the HMO Application.

It then got worse…

When the audit team from our firm inspected the property the next day to complete a schedule of works to support the application, they arrived to find the property MASSIVELY overcrowded.  There were breaches of Planning, Tenancy Agreement and Environmental Health, including the creation of a self-contained unit and Category 1 hazards.

Legally, there was a complex amount to do to bring the house under control and within planning, licensing and health and safety regulations.

Being Property People, not solicitors we were able to sort out the overcrowding issue in days WITHOUT having to resort to the courts (And with so many breaches – that would have been a protracted option). 

The schedule of works was completed to match the Licence Application. 

The works, including all certifications and upgrades, were completed within 5 days with a combination of contractors from the Landlord and ourselves with the whole project managed by us.

The draft licence was issued in November, with no additional conditions followed by the Licence issued and in full force and effect from January 2019, with bi-monthly inspections now scheduled to ensure the Tenant and its occupants comply with all regulations.

The result:  Small HMO successfully licensed, overcrowding solved, works completed in record time, Civil Penalty Notice never issued. And the Environmental Health Officer, Landlord, Occupants and Tenant all happy.

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