24 Oct 23

HMO landlords in Portsmouth are being urged to apply for a new licence before the grace period ends on December 1.

Additional licensing was introduced on September 1 by the council to complement existing HMO licensing.

A statement from the authority claims the scheme “governs minimum acceptable accommodation and management standards, as well as gas, fire and electrical safety requirements.”

This new licence means there are now three types of licence HMO landlords can apply for depending on how many people live in the HMO, or if the property is converted into flats.

The first is the Additional licence – for HMOs of three or four people; then the Mandatory licence – for HMOs of five or more people; and then the 257 licence – if the property has been converted into flats, does not comply with 1991 building regulations, and two thirds or more of the flats are rented out.

The grace period ends on December 1 and the council statement threatens that those who apply late “will face penalties of up to £30,000 and a shorter licence term.”

A spokesperson for the council says: “We have already received a good amount of applications for the new licence but we know there are many more landlords that are yet to apply. 

“I want to urge people not to wait until the last minute, but to apply sooner. 

“We have an excellent team in place who will work with you to make sure your application is the best it can be and help you avoid unnecessary penalties. If in doubt, get in contact and talk to someone about your application.”

Resources to help landlords apply and the application form are on Landlords can also contact the licensing team on 02392 841 65.

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