02 Mar 2020

Hot on the heels of the government refusing blanket selective licence schemes in Liverpool and Brent, County Durham has decided to try to get on the money making merry-go-round under the guise of “improving housing standards”.

County Durham local authority wants selective licensing across the county “which would ensure good standards of private rental properties” and “reduce anti-social behaviour.”

However the  Residential Landlords Association has recently stated that such licensing schemes are ineffective and are brought in by councils who want to be seen to be doing something to tackle criminal landlords without actually doing anything to root them out.

The scheme would apply to approximately 51,000 properties in areas where there is low demand, or where there is a significant or persistent problem caused by anti-social behaviour, poor property conditions, or high levels of migration, deprivation or crime.

Landlords would need to apply for a licence for each residential property they rent out in a designated area, and show they have adequate management arrangements in place. A licence will last for five years.

Consultation is going on until the end of Monday April 27.

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