13 Feb 24

A Selective Licensing scheme proposal is out for consultation in the Scunthorpe area –  with a harsh message from a council chief.

North Lincolnshire council leader Rob Waltham says: “It is not fair that homeowners who have lived in communities for generations that keep their homes and gardens clean and tidy must suffer because of a small number of landlords and tenants.

“This scheme will enable us to put in place extra enforcement officers who will go around and hold landlords – and their tenants – who clearly do not care, to account.”

The council claims the scheme is designed to improve housing conditions, reduce anti-social behaviour and ultimately, improve the health and wellbeing of the communities. 

The council would also be further empowered to target the criminal landlords.

A council spokesperson says: “We are focussed on enabling resilient communities and keeping residents safe and well.

“The vast majority of local landlords are providing safe, decent homes but we know there are small number of people who do not maintain the standards expected.

“We believe selective licensing will enable us to target the areas where there is poor quality and badly-managed accommodation.

“It will help us address anti-social behaviour and raise standards by forcing rogue landlords and bad tenants to be responsible.

“We have not wanted to go down this route and where landlords are already operating responsibility there will be less impact but we do think this will enable us to protect residents and enhance the community as a whole.

“We also want to make sure that everyone who has a stake in this has had their say so we have launched this consultation to capture everyone’s views.”

The areas proposed for the scheme cover part of the Crosby & Park, Town and Frodingham wards, a total of 1,505 private sector rented properties.

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