11 Apr 2019
A council has revealed the squalid conditions its inspectors have found when visiting rental properties as it looks to extend its landlord licensing scheme.

Liverpool City Council has operated a city-wide selective licensing scheme since April 2015 but is now looking to extend it for five years when it expires in March 2020.

Council officials say more rogue landlords have been prosecuted in Liverpool than anywhere else for failing to meet fire, and health and safety standards.

It said 3,000 significant hazards such as damp and mould, excess cold and fire have been identified since launching the scheme, while 2,000 legal notices have been issued, 154 cautions have been granted and 89 civil penalty notices have been handed down.

There have been 159 prosecutions for unlicensed properties, non-compliance of legal notices and breaches of licence conditions.

The new scheme, the council says, would charge £550 for a licence over the five years, or £350 for accredited landlords.

Those who are unlicensed or fail to meet minimum conditions would face prosecution or an unlimited fine of up to £30,000 per offence.

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