19 Jan 2021

Capitol riot suspect Aaron Mostofsky (Source: New York Post, as cited in criminal complaint)

Many of the insurrectionists who marched on the UA Capitol building on Jan. 6 and violently forced their way into the building stupidly livestreamed their activities or boasted about them via social media.

So far, those self-identifying actions have helped law enforcement authorities identify some of the more than than 70 individuals charged.

The riot, which occurred as lawmakers were beginning to certify President-elect Joe Biden’s Electoral College victory, led to the death of five individuals, including one Capitol police officer who authorities say was hit with a fire extinguisher. Dozens more individuals were injured, and lawmakers and their staff hid around the building to avoid the intruders, some of whom were carrying firearms and zip ties. Law enforcement agencies have appealed for information regarding the violence and have begun rounding up suspects. The U.S. Department of Justice now lists 44 federal cases tied to crimes allegedly committed at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. Plus, other individuals have been charged under local District of Columbia laws, bringing the total charged so far to 72, according to the Program on Extremism at The George Washington University.

An off-duty law enforcement officer and members of the military, including a member of an Army psychological operations unit, have been identified as being suspects who participated in the Jan. 6 riot. Two Capitol police officers have been suspended for their behavior during the riot, with one being accused of taking a selfie with rioters and another having donned a “Make America Great Again” cap. A dozen others are under investigation for inappropriate behaviour.

The FBI continues to seek information – backed by a reward of up to $50,000 – about those who deployed two suspected pipe bombs – one placed at the city’s National Republican Club and the other at the 

So what is the relevance to landlords?

Landlords walk blindly into traps set by cunning and frankly evil council housing and planning enforcement officers every single day.

Because landlords are sadly self-delusional about their strict-liability guilt in compliance with the Housing Acts, Planning Act,  HMO Management Regulations and compliance with Improvement Notices and Planning enforcement notices, they think is is safe to talk to their ‘friendly’ housing, HMO and plannign officers about the situation and thinking they can talk/negotiate their way out of the situation.

Landlords: Get real. This is like thinking you can chat or negotiate your way pout of a murder charge with police. 

All the council is interested in is tricking you into self-incrimination so that hey can prosecute you and fine you £10,000s. Their financial motive (because the council gets to keep all the fines you pay) is immense and they are the rule-setters, police, judge, jury and dictators of their own fining policy (though we see sp many cases of them exceeding their own policy  just to claim more money!

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