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Despite what Shelter and tenant activist groups say, only a small minority (4%) of renters are evicted or asked to leave by their landlord.

The English Housing Survey Private Rented Sector report for 2021-2022 reveals the majority of renters (77%) ended their last tenancy because they wanted to move NOT because of eviction.

According to the report, the private rented sector takes up 19% of households in England.

74% of private renters say they find it easy to pay rent

According to the government survey, nearly three-quarters (74%) of private renters say they find it easy to pay rent while 26% said they find it difficult.

Those living in London and on housing benefits found it the most difficult to pay rent.

The survey reports 36% of those living in London report difficulty in paying rent compared to 23% in the rest of England.

Nearly half (46%) of people on housing support benefits have difficulty paying rent, along with 39% of renters in part-time work and 32% of renters who had children.

Private renters spend 33% of their income on rent

Renters still continue to spend a higher proportion of their household income on rent compared to those in other sectors.

On average, private renters spend 33% of their income on rent. This is higher than for social renters, who spend about 27%.

The average proportion of household income spent on rent is higher for those who live in London (41%) or the South-East (36%)

Most common age group in PRS is those aged 25-34

Nearly a third of private renters (32%) had been renting in the sector for a decade or more.

The most common age group within the private rented sector was those 25 to 34, which made up a third (33%) of private renters.

In 2021-22, the estimated average cost to improve a private rented house to at least an EPC rating of C was £7,430, with socially rented homes costing the least at £5,345.

One Landlord commented: “What no-one ever seems to take into account with these ‘evictions’ is the amount of times tenants actually ask their landlords to serve notice to evict them so their application for social housing is given priority.”

Another said: “Spot on. Probably about 5 times now, tenants have requested it and I have agreed, as an unhappy tenant will probably also start missing payments or stop paying, they have mostly been long-term tenants, and had kids come along, but cannot afford larger PRS homes. Unfortunately the Court process, the backlogs etc are hampering this cooperation between landlord and tenants. It also leading to several families to start having health issues.”

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